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Thirty-five dollars got me some great finds today at Goodwill, just before my haircut.

Of the books, I scouted out some solid copies of 'The Giver', 'In Cold Blood' and 'The Lord of the Flies', because I could always use clean copies of classics. I also picked out 'The Hunger Games', because the hype's finally seemed to die down, so perhaps I'll give it a whirl sometime. I also bought 'Hold Still' by Nina LaCour, because the styling of the writing is eye-catching, and then 'Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden', because how could I NOT buy a Trek book written by the Shatner?

I found a pencil skirt that actually fits me sort of okay, some jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie and a cardigan...

There were a bunch of nice records there, too.

Wanda Landowska - Piano (Mozart Sonatas)
James Michener's Favorite Music of Hawaii
"Having Wonderful Time, Wish you would hear..."
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade - The Philadelphia Orchestra
Waikiki in a symphony of strings - Yellow Vinyl
Auf Wiedersehen - Kermit Leslie

Basically, stuff stuff stuff. I love getting a ton of really good things for low prices.
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